Mr. Predictable.

Hello Dolls, Happy Valentines Day!!! I know that I’ve been gone for a while, so today I decided it’s time to share a little story that I’ve been holding out on. So if you’ve been following my blog then you know how this goes, and if you’re a new comer WELCOME!

I had admired him from afar for several years.  His confidence, intelligence, and his ability to use words, to capture an audience, was amazing.  In my mind this fellow was in a class all by himself.  However, as we all know, often times our reality is not always the truth.  Our first date got off to a good start.  He made dinner, and I remember thinking, along with his many other wonderful qualities, he’s a fabulous cook and he makes a great martini !   As the conversations went  on, by the way  , they were great conversations-we were very comfortable with each other and had a lot in common.  

I was on my second martini when I realized the phone had been ringing and from time to time the doorbell had rang.     Now that should have been a red flag, right? Absolutely, but I was not trying to hear that…After we finished dinner and the dishes, he gave me the tour of his place.  We started watching television and engaging in small talk… when suddenly I heard footsteps on the stairs, and there she was,  standing in the doorway, looking at him and then me saying”Really”. Ladies and gentlemen I have never been so caught off guard in my life.  I immediately started replaying bits and pieces of the previous hours in my mind, the constant ringing of the phone, the  ringing of the doorbell and at that moment the pieces of the puzzle came together.

As quick as she appeared she was gone. He guided her downstairs and out of the door. I was still sitting in shock thinking “What just happenend, am I in the twilight zone?  When he came back, the explanation began…Now when I look back on that night I should’ve walked out of the door, in front of her.  But I didn’t I wanted to hear him make sense out of this crazy situation.  Now remember ladies and gentlemen this was the very first date.  Ok, I know some of you are thinking please tell me you didn’t go on a second date with this man. Well I did! Now let’s just say the second date was fun,  with similar scenes from the classic date scene in Terms of Endearment with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson. If you haven’t seen that movie you definitely should, quite entertaining.  

The time I spent with this particular guy was always interesting, never a dull moment-sometimes extremely heated but always returning to an even kilter.  Gradually at some point, I’m not exactly sure when , things became pretty, yes you guessed it PREDICTABLE!  Unreturned phone calls and text messages began happening more often than not.  Then out of the clear blue there he would be.  We’d go back and forth in this manner for a while, the timing was always unpredictable with Mr. Predictable.   Have you guys ever had a similar experience?  You find yourself making excuses and tolerating behavior that doesn’t sit well with your spirit, that is until YOU decide not to…..

I’m sure Mr. Predictable is, of course,  still doing the usual…..        

But let us remember,  it’s not just the other person that is predictable, we are as well, until we decide to rewrite the script! Let’s move our focus from trying to predict the unpredictable actions of a predictable man/woman, to the predictable love of Jesus Christ which is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

With that being said I hope you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day and spreading love toward others. Always seek first that which is good, GOD.

Taylor Perry


I’m Back!!!

Hello Dolls!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. A lot has taken place in my life. So let’s jump right into it. I am now a Flight Attendant for a major airline! Yes!!! The journey has been absolutely fabulous. I Thank God for this amazing opportunity everyday. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, foods, and cities is really magical. May 16th, 2017 made 6 months for me as a Flight Attendant. In the FA world that’s amazing because you are finally finished with your probation period! After a long, stressful month of training. I look back on the last 6 months and think to myself, time really does have wings. I’m taking my blog in a different direction… I will still showcase and talk about my favorite things. Fashion, red lipstick, and my funny relationship stories. I will also add into the mix my fabulous traveling adventures and experiences! I’m so happy to be back and I will talk to you soon DOLLS💋✈️

Top Five Fave Designer Handbags

Hey Dolls! 

I’m back with a fabulous blog post all about designer handbags. I’m a designer handbag collector, I blame my mom! She’s always been into designer handbags and she passed on this fabulous trait to me and my sisters! So here are my FAVES! Let me know what your favorite designer handbags are and you style them with your everyday wardrobe! Smooches💋💋💋

Louis Vuitton: Speedy 35

Vintage Chanel


Just a little background on this jewel. My mom purchased this bag in the late 80’s early 90’s I believe, and on my 21st birthday in Las Vegas she gave it to me. So this handbag holds a special place in my heart. Love you Mommy💋


Marc By Marc Jacobs


This Fendi tote always comes in handy when I’m on the go!!!

Totally Taylor Sunday… Make Them STARVE.

Hello Dolls! 

I know it’s been awhile and I’ve been super busy, however I haven’t forgotten about you guys or my baby blog. Today I want to discuss making men starve. Now I don’t mean actual STARVING. I mean taking away the time we spend with them, think about them, and giving them are mind share. I was talking to my manager about guys and why they do some of things that they do… You know what I mean ladies, like taking forever and a day to text back, or one week I hear from you and the next week I don’t with no explanation. You know the little things, and let’s be real the LITTLE THINGS matter the most! So my manager who is a male, simply told me this. “Taylor these days you ladies do not let these men starve. You guys are to quick to respond and you have this mental debate if you should stay or if you should run the other direction. When you know some of these men are doing you all wrong.” When he told me this I thought,  wow he’s right! Yes men do act up sometimes, however as women what are we doing wrong?! Ladies we have to start thinking about ourselves and are peace of mind. Sometimes walking away and taking every piece of us away, is the best thing we can do. So ask yourself do I continue to feed this lackluster man, or do I take my glowing peace of mind with me, and let him STARVE?! Ladies we have the POWER, and now is the time to put it to good use! 

 I hope you enjoyed this post for Totally Taylor Sunday! Be sure to follow and share my post with others! 



Tend To Your WOMAN.

Hey Dolls! So today for Totally Taylor Sunday we are going to discuss men who have girlfriends/ wives, but still try to talk to single, driven, women. Why??? I mean I just don’t understand if you have a woman, you say you love and you’ll do anything for her why would you even attempt another woman?

About a month ago I had an old friend wish me a Happy Birthday on my Instagram page. I remember thinking oh how sweet, thanks for the birthday wish. He later decides to inbox me, asking me how I’d been. The casual conversation with an old friend took place. No big deal right? Well guess what he obviously had other plans in mind. I’m going to make the story short, this idiot had obviously already been an unfaithful fool to his girlfriend. Now this next part is the final part that will make you think…. Wow these men just don’t care anymore. Like I said this guy was a friend of mine and my families and whenever we would communicate it was on a friendship level. So a couple of days later I get a text from him saying…. Wait on it, get ready!!! “Please ignore any text or phone calls you might receive from my woman.” Pause, look here homeboy I don’t want you, I’m not that type of chick and to top it off if you were even slightly thinking I would stoop so low to deal with you, then you are mistaken. HOMIE. That’s what I was thinking the whole time I read that message. 

Which brings me back to this. Why do men try and talk to other women, when they have girlfriends. Leave us alone, some of us have standards and will never lower them to an unfaithful, dispicable, man. Or shall I say little boy, because little boys behave like that. Not men. Ladies remember never fall for washed up things like that, they aren’t any good for you. Remember your self worth is filled with so much POWER. Don’t waste it.



Black… The Signature Color.

Hey Dolls! 

So today I’m taking a break from Totally Taylor Sunday, and I’m sharing my signature fashion post. If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning then you know I enjoy mixing pieces. High end accessories and vintage, thrifted pieces are my faves. I always go for the eclectic vibe when it comes to my wardrobe. 

Black has become my signature color. It’s slimming, classic, and let’s face it BLACK is SEXY! So with this look I paired a GAP sleeveless sweater, that I purchased at a Thrift store three years ago. With a pair of black leggings and my Steve Madden platforms. I added my signature red lip for a pop of color, and my fabulous Marc By Marc Jacobs handbag to carry all my items. I also added my Prada sunnies for a splash of attitude. 

Black ensembles are meant to be fun and playful! So the next time you wear an all black outfit,add a little flare and attitude to the look! 


Taylor Perry💋


Mr. Hunk

Hey Dolls!!! Time for another Totally Taylor Sunday. I know I’ve missed a few weeks and I apologize. I’ve been a little busy, however I’m back. So let’s jump in!!!!

Mr. Hunk

When I first transferred to Sam Houston State University I instantly fell in love with it. The vibe was cool, the people were easy going, and I lived in the coolest off campus townhomes. My junior year I had a group of boys that played football, who lived right behind me. These were definitely the typical football players in college. Buff hunks, playboys, and thought that every girl wanted to worship the ground they walked on. I would always see one of the HUNKS all the time. When I took out my trash, in the gym, random places on campus. It was crazy! One time it was a late night in the gym and we were the only two in that place. I’m not going to lie, he was pretty fine. Tall, the right amount of muscles, and the way jogged on the treadmill was a sight to see. So after seeing him my first year at Sam Houston, I always wondered was he single, dating, or a dog. I got my answer that next school year…. 

So another school year had begun and I knew Sam Houston like the back of my hand. My sister was a new freshman and I was her private tour guide. Usually on the first day at Sam Houston it’s extremely crowded and hot, so we decided to get food. All of sudden I look up and see a group of football hunks and to my surprise my HUNK is in the crowd. As they got closer to the line, which was right in front of the booth I was sharing with my sister. I gave her the 411 on Mr. Hunk. When I finally finished with informing my little sister, I noticed that h was staring right at me. I looked off to play it cool like I didn’t see him, and when I turned back he was looking at my exposed legs in my shorts. When I caught him his eyes were back on mine. Interesting I thought…. After lunch I headed back to my apartment and I decided to get on Twitter. I knew his name and I thought just type it in and see if something comes up. BINGO, Mr. Hunk has a Twitter. So I hit the follow button, no big deal. Five minutes later 1 new message from Mr. Hunk. Can you guess his opening line? Don’t worry I’ll tell you… “Didn’t I see you in the LSC today.” All I could do was laugh, of course you saw me in the LSC today, you were eyeing my legs the way a cheetah eyes its prey. Of course I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it. So I responded we exchanged numbers and went into the standard getting to know you texting conversation phase. It’s always interesting and intriguing in the beginning until one person says the wrong thing. Can you guess the culprit? The weekend had come and gone and I had just finished some homework, when my phone buzzed. It was Mr. Hunk and he was asking to come over at 12:00 AM on a Tuesday. When I got the “Hey what’s up text, can I come over ?” I instantly caught an attitude. As I started typing my response, I decided to approach this situation in a different way. I googled Booty Call and sent him the definition with my own added caption. “Only one thing happens at that time of the night on a TUESDAY. No.” After that response I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the night and I was glad. When I heard from him the next day he let me know exactly what he wanted, he didn’t fully come out and say it but I knew exactly what he WANTED. If you know me, then you know I don’t play those games and I don’t do booty calls. That was the last of Mr. Hunk!

I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s comical flashback. I really enjoy sharing these things with you guys. I always joke with my mom and I tell her that my love life is a romantic comedy. See you dolls next week. Please remember to follow and share.




Starbucks & The Broke Joke… Totally Taylor Sunday’s 

Hello Dolls! Happy Totally Taylor Sunday!!! So here we are again and it’s time for another story. Coffee or tea is definitely appropriate for this one… Enjoy💋💋💋

Starbucks & The Broke Joke

Two years ago I was at my local gas station in my area, and I’m patiently pumping my gas when a random young man approached me. Normally if I’m at a gas station and a man is trying to flirt, spit game, or whatever I usually don’t go for it. I mean I’m pumping gas and I’m trying to move quickly, and I really don’t want to chat. However this particular day I gave in… Now I’m not going to lie his game was kind of smooth and he had beautiful  brown skin with black dread locks. I’m sucker for dreads and dark brown skin. So we exchanged numbers and I finished pumping my gas and drove off. As I was driving I started thinking wow Taylor he seemed pretty cool, have a little fun. Yeah right, keep reading. So the usual starts happening the first text, first phone convo, etc. You know the getting to know you stage. Now you guys know I don’t name drop when I tell my stories so I will call him Dreads. Dreads lived in my area, graduated from one of the highschools in my district, so we had that in common for starters. He was a huge music buff and had a dream of becoming an aspiring rapper… Now listen these days with social media being the main focus, I decided to look him up via Instagram. Jackpot!!! I Found his page and decided to scroll through and browse. I mean we all do it. It’s human nature, everything looked pretty good on the Instagram end, but you know how people are, they can fool you. Dreads ended up asking me on a date, he wanted to take me to the Downtown Aquarium. Pretty nice huh?! This should be fun I thought. We’ll have a nice dinner and enjoy the aquatic fish that move through the tanks. Yeah right! So it’s Sunday the  day of my date, and I get a text from Dreads and he tells me he’s on his way. Now at this point I’m thinking okay, the aquarium closes at a certain time. No way we will be able to get downtown before it closes. My door bell rings and its him, he comes in and meets my parents. My dad had a sour look on his face, now I should’ve took that as I sign, but of course I didn’t. We’re out the door and in his car, when he tells me “Hey  we’re not going to be able to make it to the aquarium. I kind of lost track of time.” Duh you idiot of course we’re not going to be able to make it! That’s what I was thinking. Instead this came out, “Oh that’s okay, we can just go to Starbucks and have coffee.” We make it to Starbucks and the conversation is flowing, with light laughs and the usual Starbucks ambiance. So we decide to order and if you know me then you know Starbucks coffee is my life juice. I order my usual a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. My fave! The cashier says ” That will be $3.84.” At this time Dreads has taken a step back in line without saying a word. I turn to him and I say “So you’re not getting anything.” He says “Oh no I’m good, I’m not a real coffee drinker.” As I turn back to the cashier her face and my face have the exact same expression. NO THIS SICK IDIOT DIDNT!!! I pull out my card, pay for MY coffee and the whole time I’m thinking this is exactly why I ignore men at gas stations. The rest of this outing was so blurred because I couldn’t believe this broke joke asked me out first, and couldn’t even pay for a $3.84 coffee. Thank God we didn’t go to the aquarium! As he’s driving me back home, I’m not even focused on this lame conversation that he’s trying to have. I just want to get out of this car, block his number and delete this idiot out of my phone and life. Finally we’re at my house, the usual goodbyes take place and I’m at my door. Never looking back at that BROKE JOKE.

So ladies I hope you’ve enjoyed this Totally Taylor Sunday. Please remember to follow my blog, let me know what you think, and share this story with other single, fabulous, women! It’s always good to laugh!!!




Totally Taylor Sunday’s… The Delivery Guy

Welcome to Totally Taylor Sunday’s. Every Sunday I will share my personal yet comical love life stories. Now this isn’t a tell all, it’s more of a single girl, let’s take a trip down memory lane kind of moment. I have learned to laugh when it comes to my love life. I mean after you learn a lesson, you look back and see that certain parts of the lesson were comical. In addition to my personal stories I will also discuss the life of the single girl. Let’s be honest it’s not so bad being single. It’s actually pretty darn FABULOUS. So let’s get into our first Totally Taylor Sunday.

The Delivery Guy

This delivery guy gives delivery guys a BAD name… We all have that delivery guy that makes deliveries. UPS, FedEx, Sysco, etc. Have you ever had the delivery guy make smooth, flirtatious, moves toward you. Well I have and let’s just say in the beginning I was flattered. Around the middle of January my food delivery guy, at my job would always casually  make playful jokes my way. You know little jokes to get attention, “Get out the DM’s, or Somebody has the thumbitis.” In the beginning I thought it was corny, yet cute. It kind of reminded me of a cute scene from a 90’s romantic comedy. Don’t get a excited yet, this is only the beginning. So after the occasional corny, cute, flirty jokes I didn’t see my delivery guy for a whole month. I know you’re wondering well what’s his name, what does he look like, all that juicy stuff right? Like I said in the beginning this isn’t a tell all, so I won’t mention names. However I will give you a brief description of what he looks like. Tall, very tall, slim not skinny, and he has a pretty cute smile. Sometimes behind a pretty smile, is a pretty liar. Which brings me to this… A whole month had gone by and I hadn’t seen my delivery guy. Nothing. It’s almost like he had disappeared or maybe this was God’s warning… Until this day, the day that I got a mysterious phone call at my job. I’m not going to lie,  I thought I was the leading lady in one of those cute romance films. You know the guy is chasing after the girl with flowers, phone calls, and occasional pop ups. Yeah all in my head. He calls and we have a cute, short, to the point of convo, with an addition to the whose that calling you stares from my favorite coworkers. So we both agreed that we would make it a point to see eachother face to face the next day. My cheeks were hurting from this huge grin plastered on my face, and my face was as red as my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick that I always have on. Now let’s fast forward… It’s the next day, I’m early, ready to go, and looking fabulous as usual. He meets me half way and I can’t help but grin… Wow could this be something?! We engage in the occasional small talk as we head to the third floor in the elevator. When you’re engaged in elevator small talk, the actual elevator ride goes by super fast. The doors open and he pops the question, “So can I call you?” Of course I gave him my number and I couldn’t hold my smile back. This was unfolding very nicely, and in my mind I thought he could be a pretty cool guy. A few hours pass and I’m working my way through another work day, and suddenly I hear my phone going off. So I decide to take my lunch right away, plus I was famished and I was ready to eat. I head to the back to warm my food, and as my food is being heated in the stock room microwave. I realize that I have a new voicemail, I listen and it’s him… Cute and to the point, at this point I’m thinking wow this man is pretty persistent. I could get use to this. Until this happened… Before I could put my first bite of my lunch in my mouth, my phone starts to buzz again. Unknown number pops up on my screen, WERID. I answer and to my surprise it’s the delivery guy. The conversation is nice and easy, and then he ask me “So do you have a boyfriend?” I’m thinking and I say “If I had a boyfriend do you think I would really be talking to you?” As soon as I answered his question, I randomly asked in a playful way, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Can you guess his answer??? ” Yeah she’s probably at the house right now.” PAUSE… At this moment I don’t know if I want to go off on him, hang up the phone, or both! I came in like this. “So you think it’s okay to have a girlfriend and flirt with a single woman, at her job, get her number, and try to pursue her? Are you NUTS?” His resoponce…. Priceless. “I was hoping we could build a friendship.” As soon as I heard this idiot say friendship, I cut him off quickly and said “This isn’t me, you got the wrong woman. I don’t believe in ruining other peoples relationships. I’m not that kind of girl.” With that being said I hung up the phone and finished my lunch quickly. Unbelievable, what a jerk!!! It amazes me how many men have girlfriends and truly don’t care if they cheat and have other women as side pieces. Where did you loose your morals and values? With that being said, these last words are for my ladies. Never ever lower your standards, if a man can’t meet them then he’s not the one. Remember keep your morals and values with you, never let them go. Plus real men will value and cherish those special traits, not the low life who makes the local food deliveries at your job… I hope you all enjoyed the first story, this is only the beginning. Be sure to follow and let me know what you think.


Taylor Perry